Makeup Tip: Declutter

Makeup Palette Organizers1. Stick With It Palette 2. Z palette 3. UNII  Cosmetics UNII Palette 4. Z palette

Women are complex species. On the average, we spend three years of our lives primping up to go out. We own too many products and it gets frustrating when we have to dig through an accumulation of makeup every single time we beautify.

Lovelies, don’t you dream of a more systematic beauty routine? Bought and tested one of those pro customizable palette organizers from MUD.  I put in my most used powder and cream makeup, and voilà, the perfect handy palette! It’s slim and should fit in a standard purse.

Palette Organizer

Above are links to online stores offering noteworthy customizable palettes.  You will be needing to depot the makeup you want for your palette, following the steps in the video below. I used a lighted candle, knife, wire cutter and alcohol.

You can organize an everyday makeup palette and a special occasion palette separately. The options are endless with these sleek babies. I hope the insider tip from the MUD people will help you save time and space.

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