Intriguing Inutak from Taguig


Recently stumbled upon a spread of neatly wrapped Inutak boxes at a mall in Manila. I thought it wasn’t food before seeing the sample cake. The name inutak is queer for such a dainty kakanin. It resembles sapin-sapin, but the comparison ends there. It took a Ma. Kristina Marcelino to perfect a family heirloom recipe and share it with the rest of the world via the premiums cakes  you see at the malls.

Inutak Food Taste

Inutak is light with a silken texture, setting it apart from the chewy bibingkas. They say it’s best hot and eaten with ice cream. The delicacy is made with galapong (sticky rice), coconut milk and sugar.

Other than the classic, she introduced more variants specifically quezo de bola, tablea (cocoa), macapuno, corn, langka and lite. They also have all the variants in one box.  Ain’t that sweet?

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2013

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