Lippie Review: MAC Temperature Rising Feel My Pulse

MAC Temperature Rising Feel My Pulse

MAC brought out a whole new summer palette and it’s selling out so fast that all the four lipstick shades of Temperature Rising are sold out online. By chance, I scored Feel My Pulse, a vivid magenta violet, from online reseller Shop From The USA.

We tend to associate violets with fall, so Feel My Pulse comes as a surprise. It’s not the average inky purple stuff, though admittedly, the color from the tube is rather chilly and intimidating, far from what I was imagining it to be, based on the email announcement photos from MAC. After trying it on, I can appreciate the defiance of the neon sorbet lippie trend.  Temperature Rising is all about a sultry summer, like Caliente and Sheer Seduction are infused with dazzling gold, adding texture, and meant to be layered with the pearly Temperature Rising Lipglass, also sold out at the MAC online shop.

Don’t you love the rubberized bronze bullet?

MAC Feel My Pulse

I’ve never tried violet this bold. I like Heroine or Violetta on some people, but the slightly rosier Feel My Pulse won me over. I guess it is pretty in sync with my new tan. My back neck is red as a lobster.

Attended the 70th birthday lunch for Manang Carning Viloria, who worked for my grandma up ’til my turn to manage the family business, an amazing 50+ years of service. BTW, sharing photos of the Ilocano way of celebrating birthdays complete with the traditional Padapadakam singing/ceremony. Feel My Pulse was fading in the center after the hearty lunch and chitchat with old friends, an issue with cremesheen.

Birthday CakesPadapadakamManang Carning's 70th birthday
Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2013

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