Beef Teriyaki Pepper Rice at Pepper Lunch Express

Teriyaki Pepper Rice

Earlier in the day, my sister-in-law Shirley and I  set a dinner date with my other sister-in-law Betty to celebrate her son and daughter’s college graduation. It’s more of a celebration of life, Betty as mom can now enjoy a less wearisome existence now that her two children are starting their careers. We met at Pepper Lunch Express in Lucky Chinatown.

Since Pepper Lunch Express, the smaller Pepper Lunch (a global franchise) is at the food court, they lined up for different meals from other outlets. I was  firm on trying a pepper rice. Torn between salmon and beef until I noticed the beef teriyaki entry.

The teriyaki meal is served on a distinct hot plate. Like Korean bibimpop, everything on the plate is meant to be mixed together. The heavy sprinkling of freshly ground pepper makes the otherwise ordinary meal something uncommon. I like the choice of corn as the other component. The sweetness of the corn counteracts the pungent pepper, with the buttery essence adding to that modern taste — all in all creating a rice dish that can stand on its own without the addition of  teriyaki sauce (served in a separate container).

The Philippine franchise is owned by Jeroen van Straten, the husband of Cecile, author of Chuvaness.

Pepper Lunch ExpressTeriyaki Pepper with Rice

Would love to go back. I just made my own pepper rice with leeks ‘coz there are no meats in the fridge.

Photographed by Betty and Blauearth
© Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2013

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