Kit and Ace Mandac: Cake artists and party stylists par excellence

Ava's Cakes and Partyshop 10

A match made in heaven. I’m referring to husband and wife team Ace and Kit Mandac’s mutual artistry and propensity for fine taste. Both native Laoagueños, Ace, a licensed architect from the Northwestern University, and Kit, a BS Food Technology graduate of the University of the Philippines, set up Ava’s Cakes and Partyshop in 2006, introduced rolled fondant cakes which became a big hit in Ilocos and continue to turn dream cakes and parties into reality.

Ava's Cakes and Partyshop 16Ava's Cakes and Partyshop 4Ava's Cakes and Partyshop 11

Kit’s excessive scrupulousness fits consummately Ace’s technical competence. A standard ingredient, their classic little squabbles make better cakes. They’ve won several prestigious baking contests — their latest, 2nd place in the cupcake decorating competition of the Filipino-Chinese Bakery Association, Inc. at the World Trade Center.

Ava’s popularity in the biz has rolled in to as far as Manila, Baguio, Tagaytay, Hawaii and San Francisco, where their intricately decorated cakes graced fabulous events.

Not to mention, Kit’s expertise in floral design complements Ace’s architectural grounding effectively. This coming August, the tandem is all set to primp an event in the US, their first international event styling within their 2 year experience in party styling.

Ava's Cakes and Partyshop 12

– Their little boy “Ava”.

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Cakes and parties in Ilocos have never been this pretty.

Ava's Cakes and Partyshop 18

Ava’s Cakes and Partyshop is located along Gen Segundo Avenue, Laoag City, Philippines. Check out their Facebook page, and for inquiries, here’s their CP number: 09175928955.

All photos courtesy of Kit Valera Mandac and Ava’s Cakes and Partyshop
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