Tribal Alliance in Adams

Big  Fat Seats

The town of Adams is a curious amalgamation of settlers from different tribes, namely Iyapayao and Igorot highlanders and Ilocano lowlanders. I was asked by the One Ilocos Norte mayoral candidate, my friend Leehua Lu Pascua, to head the board of judges for a tribal dance contest.

I am not a stranger in Adams. The vice-mayoral candidate, former mayor Wilma Dupagen, was the first ever Adams leader to embrace ecotourism by welcoming my eco-adventure and development group, LEAD Movement, in 2004, as a means to help shrink the quasi-anonymity of the former rebel town. It is in Adams where radical personal shifts sprang up.

Picture 065-02Buko SaladTattooed

My two days in Adams was also my initial flick with the hardcore political jungle. Post-rebel wars, I’ve always known Adams as a zero-crime rate town. In fact, the municipal jail was once featured in a TV show as a place to spend the night (like a hotel) back when homestays were non-existent, until municipal treasurer Elpidio Sy was killed in an ambush by unknown killers somewhere along the Pansian-Adams road a couple of years ago.

Today, I hear stories of women’s rights abuse, sexual harrassment, excessive illegal logging and more stories that make you cringe in embarrassment.

Cactus  HeadIyapayaosAdams Tribal Dance ContestPartidoLeehua, para mayor ti Adams

 – My friend Leehua Lu Pascua who’s running against the imcumbent mayor, Eric Bawingan.

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2013

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