Follow the Green: Anuplig Falls


My free time in Adams was spent trekking to Anuplig Falls. It normally takes one and a half hours to reach the waterfall on foot. We cut the time in half by motorbiking up to Anat. By the time the rush of water was deafening, rain began to pour, cooling down my overheated system instantaneously. I regret that the cam wasn’t properly protected, so our plan to take a dip was set aside for next time.

Anuplig Falls

Anuplig looks far more intimidating in reality. The raw stillness around was stupefying, the air so crisp, the pellucid waters invigorating.

Rain + WaterfallAdams Mountainside

There are spots that hit you in the heart like a piercing object. Kaingin (slash-and-burn farming) is always justified as a cultural facet of the indigenous peoples.

Anuplig Falls TrailBack RideAnat RoadWild Orchids

Photographed by Jermin and Blauearth
© Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2013

2 thoughts on “Follow the Green: Anuplig Falls

  1. Oh I could almost feel the rain and smell it too. There is something magical with the rain in the tropics. It is so refreshing, unless when it rains in the city and it gets flooded, not that. Rain in the province is so different – it is life sustaining.

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