The Soul of Seoul in Laoag

The Soul of Seoul in Laoag

“How’s Korea?”

“Do you mean the war?”


“No one really cares.”

That’s coming from Benny Song, the Korean Department of Tourism guy who came to Ilocos with travel and lifestyle bloggers from Seoul. They are in the Philippines to tour the key tourism destinations.

Light My FireLawag Lamp

Travel Ilocandia’s Angel Lao, through the DOT Philippines, arranged the sandboarding and 4×4 adventure with the LEAD Movement, and their entire Ilocos tour which they say they are enjoying tremendously.

Angel released her symbolic lawag (brightness) lamp in the sky to make their Laoag stay more memorable. Yeah, baby, light the fire…

Going up when the sun goes downSky LanternKorean travel  bloggers in La Paz 3Gimme HOT!Laoag SandboardingKorean travel  bloggers in La PazKorean travel  bloggers in La Paz 2Laoag La Paz Sand Dunes

(Collage courtesy of  Angel Lao)

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2013

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