Celebrating the beauty of being a woman

Balinese Women

Trust the feminine intuition. It’s real guys. Brandon and I had a pasta date and we chanced upon beautiful artworks of women on the walls of Saramsam.  It felt good, mother and son celebrate International Women’s Day in style, in true festive style.

The featured artist, Joseph Alvarez Flor, is a native of Laoag.  The Glitter of Asia collection is a spirited depiction of  Asian women in florid traditional clothing. Women and fashion, women and beauty, always synonymous.

Asian Women ArtThe Glitter of Asia\Asian WomenSaramsam PastasPasta Marinara

As usual, I got a pasta marinara and he got his fave Saramsam pasta with mangoes and cilantro. We shared a third pasta, chorizo de Laoag with fetuccine in red sauce. I figured it tastes so much like their herby Ilocandia pizza.

Now this puts a smile on my face. The best thing about being a woman — being able to bear children, watching them grow, enjoying life with them while they’re young, giving the facts from a woman’s standpoint, preparing them as they transition to adulthood. I love being a woman… there’s so much to celebrate about being a woman!

Happy International Women’s Day, beautiful women!

Photographed by Brandon and Blauearth
© Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2013

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