Carolyn and her Rough Guide to Ilocos

The Rough Guide to The Philippines

On a bus going to Ilocos, a foreigner calls up the hubby’s office to inquire about sandboarding. She comes to Laoag only to experience the sandbooarding adventure attraction explicitly endorsed in “The Rough Guide to The Philippines”, a 464-page paperback published by the Rough Guides Ltd and distributed worldwide through the Penguin Group. With travel titles covering more than 200 destinations,  the Rough Guides’ slogan is “Make the Most of Your Time on Earth.” And indeed Carolyn Kiefer, a senior manager space systems engineer of Boeing-IDS (a rocket scientist, she says) is spending 5 weeks touring the Philippines with a backpack and her Rough Guide.

To the La Paz Sand Dunes

While she was in La Paz bringing to life a wish, I dissect her Rough Guide. Just how would you react when 2 foreign authors put your adventure group’s name and contact details on a travel guide to make travel easier for fellow foreigners? My eyes almost popped out of its sockets.

Ilocos Norte Sand Dunes detailsThe LEAD Movement contact details on The Rough Guide to The Philippines

Sandboarding was first introduced by the LEAD Movement in the LEAD Movement blog and here in BlauEarth, and we’ve earned the bragging rights of being the innovators of sandboarding in the Philippines, but to discover LEAD’s sandboarding on a travel guide that is being compared to Lonely Planet is something we never saw coming. We are just a small group with no funds for big league marketing, but then again, there is a saying that you have to believe in yourself so others will believe you — I mean offering an alternative travel option, setting in motion Ilocos Norte’s unique sandy characteristic.

Authors of The Rough Guide to The Philippines

In behalf of the LEAD Movement, I am extending special thanks to the authors and contributors of the book for the blurb. Check out the other Rough Guides destinations and books at their website.

A tourist eating utong in our humble abode

The rocket specialist goes back to the house and while she waits for her bus to Pagudpud, we offer her dinner, and then she notices my blog on the computer screen and says she’s been there, yay, a real small world! We talk about life, Saturn V and Atlas V.

Her next wish after the Laoag Sand Dunes was to be in Blue Lagoon, and she got it. At this moment, she must be somewhere in Aurora. In the bus, she texted — til our paths cross again. Carolyn, the moon, in the moon… hahaha, believe!

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2013

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