A meet up with reader Annabelle Badua from Oahu, Hawaii

Laoag Sand Dunes Sandboarders

Blogging brings together people from different parts of the globe. I just came face to face with someone whom I met here in BlauEarth. Since late last year, Annabelle Badua has been communicating about places to visit. I couldn’t send her back a concrete itinerary for fear that we might not share the same thirst for adventure and the same hunger for food:) Upon learning that she’s in Laoag and booked a sand adventure with the LEAD Movement, I made sure to go with her to the Laoag Sand Dunes in La Paz. There’s that sort of instant connection with people I meet through the blog. I’m sure my fellow bloggers will agree with me about that certain acquaintanceship we develop with our readers.

She brought along her mom, who was vacationing with her, and relatives in Laoag. I just took photos. Looking from a distance, it felt surreal.

Laoag Sand Dunes SandboardersTo Oahu with love

To dear Annabelle, I hope you bring home with you wonderful memories of Ilocos. It was so nice meeting you and your family.

Sort of Bloggers Meet-Up

Photos by Rommel and Blauearth
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3 thoughts on “A meet up with reader Annabelle Badua from Oahu, Hawaii

  1. Thank you Tina! It was a pleasure meeting you. Keep up with the advertising on Laoag and Ilocos Norte. I’ll be spreading the word on Blauearth and LEAD Movement.

    The 4×4 and Sandboarding was a blast. My nieces and nephews enjoyed the experience.

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