A trip to KaBloom

The Flower Shop

A friend was telling me about this little flower shop on a side street in Laoag. Then the right occasion comes, Brandon is having his first prom this Saturday. I’m the one more excited, hi, hi — we’ve got it all ready for him, I was envisioning Marcos in his heyday and the dad brought out his circa 1980s barong Tagalog with callado embroidery and he’s wearing them with skinny black trousers and pointy wingtips, and so I volunteered to help him choose a wristlet for his date. Kabloom is a happy place. They’ve got roses, gerberas and carnations in all colors. Spotted some stargazers as well. I wanted a huge cattleya for the wristlet. Hopefully, they will be able to get one from their source and if it won’t arrive, plan B gets carried out:)

Have you gotten your loved ones flowers for Valentine’s Day? Cheers! xoxo

A trip to the flower shopPink Gerbera

KaBloom General Luna Cor Blas Cid Streets,  Laoag City (at the back of Smart Telecom)
CP Nos.: 09219634569 • 09154318497 • 09228005089 • 09228117243

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2013

2 thoughts on “A trip to KaBloom

  1. Hi Ma’am! Thank you for visiting our flower shop! There’s something we wanna give maam. I’ll have it delivered po sana to your doorstep… Where can we find you maam?

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