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Ericke's first Back in LA photos

{Ericke’s first Back in Los Angeles photos}

Spot the Dinosaurs @ Home Restaurant, Loz Feliz, LA

{Ericke tagged me this photo of Home restaurant at Los Feliz, LA.  She messaged me: “My friend took me to this place called Home for lunch. Kayat mo djai na place [you’ll like the place]. They have old rustic furnitures and a fountain with dinosaur toys.”}

Eugene with ChicoSci

{ChicoSci in a Laoag gig. Band member Mark wears a LEAD Movement “Innovators of Sandboarding in the Philippines” tee:) Eugene gladly ended up giving a bunch of tees for the entire band compliments of the Ilocos sandboarding brains, the dad.}

Happy Snake Year

{Wishing for a live Maneki-neko:) In case I forget, Happy Chinese New Year! My year! Our year!}


{Have you gotten your tikoy? Saw these at RobIN.}

New Favorites

{Can’t have enough of these lately: 1. Yellow Cab Cream of Squash Soup, 2. Twisted Candy (in photo: salted caramel from Marianne Pasion),  3. Pocky biscuit sticks, 4. Saramsam Ylocano Restaurant’s Pasta Marinara with lots of chili oil.}

80th birthday party (taken with a O+ android phone)

{80th birthday party of a friend’s mom (taken with Reny’s O+ android phone, a gift from the kids last Christmas)}

Valentine Wish List

{Valentine wish list, just 2 new books and candies:) 1. Things We Love – Kate Spade, 2. Lilly: Palm Beach, Tropical Glamour, and the Birth of a Fashion Legend, 3. Twisted Candy love candies.}

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2013

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