Make-Up Designory Manila goes to Laoag


I’m not blessed with flawless skin, I have non-existent brows, I’m too lazy to apply such things as mascara and eyeliner and just plain scared to experiment with vibrant eye colors, I’m stuck with peach and pink lip colors and I sort of look the same way whether I’m out on the streets or attending a function. Of course, being a woman that I am, I aspire for an edgier look.

I have to thank Red Dot for bringing in the Make-up Designory (MUD) Manila to Laoag and the awesome opportunity to have learned to apply my own makeup like the pros do. As the perky and well-disposed MUD instructor Ms. Myr Lim has said, MUD is the Harvard of make-up schools. And indeed, I gained so much.

Day Make-Up LookNight Make-Up LookMake-Up Designory  ClassMUD ClassMake-Up Transformation

-Totally had fun with seatmates Tintin, Jo, and Toni. Toni  says she’s completely happy with the classy kind of makeup looks she’s learned to create.

Compare the above photos with the before look below. I like the noticeable transformation in both the day and night looks — how the eyes appear wider and brighter, the features more pronounced, the face more balanced, with everything pointing upwards.

While practicing MUD’s makeup tricks, it was a little scary at first, especially that I’m so used to the “no makeup” makeup. My beauty arsenal was limited to single color foundation, blush, light eye contouring and lip color. The most essential thing I gained after the MUD class is the confidence to play with and layer in colors now that I know I’m executing the right steps. The evening or party look can be tricky. One wrong swipe of the brush and everything looks harsh. The fun part was learning to glue on falsies with the smoky eyes — the whole idea that bolder makeup doesn’t necessarily equate to garish.

Oh, I forgot makeup goes on a lot easier with the right tools. I don’t mean you have to buy everything there is at the store. I like a streamlined vanity kit. Tweezers, curlash, and about 5 or 6 specific brushes for application and blending. And did I mention clean makeup has a lot to do with proper blending? MUD teaches you all. (Check out the MUD Manila website here.)

The before make-up

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3 thoughts on “Make-Up Designory Manila goes to Laoag

  1. Thank you for coming Manang. I can totally relate with your experience because I felt the same way after enrolling in a class and thought it would be nice to share it with all of you. Thanks to MUD and Plains and Prints for supporting our project. Cheers!

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