Culture goes around the globe

US Flag

I’ve mentioned the contents of a balikbayan box in an old post, so for this post, let’s peek into the recent Cali trip of a Jacksonville father and son of Filipino descent.


Grabbed the photos from my brother-in-law, Ed. He and my nephew JP were visiting family in California recently

Palm Springs

Palm Springs, California. (Btw, this area got me homesick the last time I was there.)

Rancho Mirage

JP with my niece Marge, who resides in Palm Springs.


Doesn’t that look familiar?

Red Ribbon 2

What about that red box?

Red Ribbon

And here’s more to bring home to Jacksonville. Pasalubong for my sister Fanny, who was unable to travel with them to California. There’s no homemade igado or chicharon or frozen marunggay, but a luggage full of Filipino Red Ribbon pastries. I see butter slice, mamon, taisan, ensaimada… I see a Filipino being transported back to the Philippines… I see happiness… I see a deeply-rooted tree. Wherefore, culture never dies.

Hello, fellow Filipinos living overseas! Mabuhay ang kulturang Pinoy!

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