If youth say so | John Michael Mugas

Inspired by sound bites from Philippine National Hero, Jose Rizal, the blog will be featuring young emerging leaders and tender perspective in hopes of inspiring others to make a difference in this world. Insights from undepraved minds for us to chew on.

John Michael Mugas

For this initial feature, let’s hear the mind of John Michael Mugas aka Mikyong, 18-year old self-supporting son/marketing management student (of the Mariano Marcos State University)/weekend piano teacher/music composer/budding writer/assisting artist of the internationally-acclaimed Samiweng Singers of the Ilocos Norte National High School.

John Michael Mugas (2)

Fresh from a penetrating cultural experience in Japan via the Kizuna (Bond) Project, John Michael expresses his candid thoughts.

Tell me your best Ilocano moment.
When I utter Ilocano words while conversing in a non-Ilocano language and they don’t understand what I just said and then I just laugh at myself.

Describe the Ilocanos.
Shy, kuripot…  so true.

Are you pro-Reproductive Health Bill?
Yes, I don’t see anything wrong about contraception that would help alleviate poverty.

The best president the Philippines has ever had?
I’m not really into politics. I don’t care about politics.

What is your view on social justice in the country?
There are many opportunities, but only a few have access. The lack of financial resources is a common issue.

How do you see the Philippines 10 years from now?
The country’s economy is rapidly growing, so 10 years from now, I see the Philippines as an improved nation. As a citizen, I can’t feel the changes yet.

Who are the three people that inspire you and why?
People my age like Raine Mateo Calucag. She has this something in her… innate… she’s a go-getter. Next, Sir Sherberk Cabrales, my former MAPE teacher at the INNHS-Special Program in the Arts (SPA), and Sir Sherween Cabrales. What I am now I owe it to them. Thirdly, Sir Robert Caluya and Ms. Egdonna Legaspi. I consider them my life force.

What was the most important thing you learned at the INNHS-SPA?
Time management. I am able to apply it in college.

Do you have formal training as a pianist?
I was six years old when I started my formal training at the Nicolas Piano Studio under Ms. Emy Labuguen.

What is your favorite piano piece?
Liszt’s Liebesträume.

What are the things you do as a student leader?
I spearhead activities. Though I always stay behind the scenes.

John Michael Mugas (3)

What did you learn from the exchange program visit in Japan?
When I went to Japan, I didn’t know how to use the chopsticks, the basic Japanese language. It was difficult to communicate. However, I learned that we must be open-minded, accept other cultures as much as we appreciate ours. The devastating stories of the tsunami victims made everyone emotional. Uncertainties happen. It lurks everywhere. No matter how strong or rich a nation is, no one is spared of natural disasters.

What are your thoughts on environmental protection.
The problem lies in people’s attitudes.

Your social network?
I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Vimeo, G Plus… I live on the internet.

Do you like your course (marketing management)?
I have to.

Are you planning on a second course?
I plan to take up law.

Are your parents strict?
They gave me my independence. There’s responsibility with the independence

Do you feel people like you (a self-confessed bisexual) are given the same respect as people of straight gender?
I haven’t had any problems whatsoever.

Tell me the three things you are grateful for.
Friends who are always there for me. God for giving me the talent, the resources. My family, of course.

John Michael Mugas (4)
Photos from Blauearth and John Michael Mugas
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