Ineng’s Special BBQ opens in Laoag

Ineng's BBQ

Besides the Ineng’s Special BBQ in Robinsons Ilocos, it has extended to the hub of Ilocos Norte. The more spacious Ineng’s Special BBQ, located on Paco Roman Street, a block away from two leading local downtown hotels, is within a neighborhood that’s fast growing to be a food and drink zone.

Ineng’s specializes in good mid-priced Filipino food. Their banner product, Pinoy BBQ, though sweet and well-marinated, is so unlike the ketchupey kind found in other establishments. Check out their menu here.

Ineng's Sariwang Lumpia

The sariwang lumpia satisfied my craving for ubod (heart of palm). The peanut sauce was no letdown. Basically fried rice oozing with fermented fish flavors, the bagoong rice whets the palate as it is. A Pinoy meal is not complete without a panghimagas or dessert. Their saba and sago con yelo (milk-bathed shaved ice topped with sweetened banana and tapioca balls) was huge, but I like it that it wasn’t achingly sweet and the tapioca balls weren’t undercooked.

Even though Brandon was kinda kulit with his fickle-mindedness, the attendant was all smiles and accommodating. Will definitely go back again.

Ineng's Saba at Sago con Yelo

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2013

2 thoughts on “Ineng’s Special BBQ opens in Laoag

    • and prices are pretty much less expensive than those in other Pinoy chain restos. thanks, Gracie.

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