The gift of unlimited Holga use


I wouldn’t have guessed what was inside the tiny featherweight box.

HL-N (Holga lens for Nikon dslr)

Because my kids are cool and they know exactly how the mommy thinks, they gave me a Holga lens (Holga HL-N – A 60mm f/8 Holga lens with Nikon F-mount) for my Nikon D90. The sweetest present this Christmas!

Six years ago, I bought a red Holga camera and a hoard of BW and color film before knowing they’ve stopped processing 120 rollfilm in these parts. Such dumbness, I forgot to unload the batteries until everything got rusty and pointless.

I’m no techie; it took me half of the day to figure out how to get started with the mounted 25-dollar plastic lens. The instructional guide doesn’t say it all; the D90 manual as well!

Holga Lens for Nikon Test Shots

Bingo! The plasticized test shots. Before you can use it, the setting has to be on a manual flash mode. I absolutely like the retro vignetting and dreamy film cam effect that I can’t get from my Nikkor. It’s a nice toy lens for putting a spin on hackneyed subjects. Under low light condition, when there’s almost zero visibility through the viewfinder, nice framing is futile, however.

Poor framing under low light condition using a HL-N

– Poor framing under poor light condition.

Picture 380

– Under a brighter indoor lighting.

I’m so ready to get Holgafied!

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2012

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