Chunky Purple Yam Jam

Ube Jam!

This is not just another ube jam made in Baguio. This one’s CHUNKY! Definitely chunkier than Tantamco’s and less sweet than Good Shepherd‘s. I got it as pasalubong from Ericke who delighted in chilly December weather in a pea coat and boots in the mountain city over the weekend.

PNKY Ube Jam

She grabbed a bottle at the PNKY Cafe, not the PNKY Collection I posted in September. The cafe and home are in a different location, on 13 Leonard Wood Road.

I missed visiting the cafe which was actually on my to-hit list. Her photos are making  me so jealous. Check out the counter wrapped in lomo photos. By Liana I suppose.

lomo photos collagePNKY CafeEricke at PNKY

Top image by Blauearth. Other photos via Surprisingly Kitsch
© Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2012

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