Laoag welcomes Samsung

Laoag Samsung store

The first Samsung store in Laoag opens. Catch the Buy One, Take One promo on or before December 8 at the store located at the ground level of Puregold in the centro!

The Galaxy SIII impresses, hihih, the hubby who’s a Samsung user might want to change his outdated phone, so I can use it as a cam (hello, I’m the only lifestyle blogger not on Instagram!?). It is a known fact that I’m not a cellphone user, but I do have a laptop and I want a notepad.

Samsung Laoag OpeningSamsung Laoag Opening 3Samsung Laoag Opening 2Samsung CupcakesVertext family

I wish to thank Handy, Jonel, BJ, Jaynny and the whole Lao family for the lovely time at the store opening. Warm wishes, Samsung,  from BlauEarth!

Samsung store opening in Ilocos

Photo via Jonel Lao.

Trying out SamsungSamsung Laoag Opening 4Taken with a Galaxy SIII

A photo taken with my friend Marianne Lee’s Galaxy SIII. Cool, no?

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2012

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