Random Things

The Jet and the Moon

Almost looking fictitious, the sky on a random day.

Speaking of the sky, uninfluenced by friends’ unenthusiastic reviews, went to watch the 50th anniversary Bond flick, Skyfall. The best in this recent decade. The absence of the usual extra hi-tech gadgetry, in the age of cyber-terrorism, makes it more realistic. Not to mention, the more human side of things, such as extreme loyalty, is new. The peroxided Silva character was funnily obnoxious. Will M reappear? Is the Aston Martin DB5 gone forever? Awaiting Bond’s next adventure.


Imitation sky, acid splatter cutoffs, paired with a P and P top I got from the preview event. Everything else is old. I usually go for basic pieces that I can wear over and over again. The trick is to choose unboring colors. Case in point: the French Sole ballet flats in avocado and gilded Marc Jacobs purse.

pink lipstick

Loving the just discovered long-wearing Revlon matte Stormy Pink lipstick without the dry nor waxy feel. It shares the same tone as Ericke’s MAC Pink Noveau, which might be three times more expensive ‘coz I got mine on sale. (On the lips in second image above.)


Found at Penshoppe:)




My street corner at dusk. More often than not, mute at this time.

Eugenedim sum dietRoast Duck

Our last dinner out together since August.

Another weekend ahead, have a good one, peeps!

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2012

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