Second Nature

Sapat Road

We make it a point to make our Sunday afternoons peaceful, yet stimulating and spawning, habitually unpremeditated and casual.

On this nature tripping drive to barangay Sapat in Pasuquin, we were bidding farewell to the BJ40. On Wednesday, it will have a new owner. For nine years, the Land Cruiser brought us,  literally and figuratively, to new heights. It was used as props and adornment in countless TV shoots and photoshoots (hahah, they love its distressed charm), from the desert  to the mountains, making its own path.

The family, even our friends who have rode with us through our adventures, will terribly miss our trusty friend.

I haven’t seen what’s gonna take the place of LC03. The 04 is being reworked forever. A 05! God forbid, we can’t be paralyzed! Inertion please!

Sapat MarkerKurong-kurongCall of Nature

-Call of nature

Dumap-ayFloretsAchueteCall of the WildKapitan

Have to thank kapitan Benigno Alba for the little talk in his baluarte.

Paredes Air Station

-Paredes Air Station Marker, Sapat, Pasuquin

weedyStepsGrottoSurfaceLandSide MirrorSunset Beach

-Pasuquin Beach from a distance

Pasuquin Beach from a distanceRoad SunsetThe Setting SunBacarra River Sunset Panorama

-Bacarra River

Photographed by Reny and Blauearth
© Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2012

2 thoughts on “Second Nature

  1. visiting your blog is like also visiting Ilocos Norte.. i got interested about Ilocos when I watched the tv program Kristv. in one of their episodes they featured Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte from then on I searched about the place and i so happened to open this page and read your interesting blog!..

    btw, your blog is one my faves already.. 🙂

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