Aurora Park

Tobacco Monopoly Monument

I knew Rhett Eala was going to come over this weekend for the Plains and Prints Holiday 2012 Preview, but I forgot that today’s the first day of the 3-day preview. Memory lapses, ngii! I’ve been zeroing in on that chance to meet Rhett tomorrow. Unwittingly starting a craze, Rhett put the Philippine map on the polo shirt, and was seen on almost every politician and patriotic Filipino citizen since it came out. He is now the Creative Director of Plains and Prints. I get pretty edgy every time Red Dot comes up with new arrivals. Been watching the designer ever since, his old chichi retail store at Glorietta, Patricia Borromeo days, his society weddings, etc..

Still a Rhett Eala day at the end of the day, wearing a Plains and Prints top from the African collection. I had a beautiful backdrop. The Laoag Aurora Park and the Tobacco Monopoly Monument. The light was low and surreal. I felt like a tourist somewhere else.

CalesaAurora ParkAurora Park 2Aurora Park 3

Catch the Plains and Prints Holiday Preview on Red Dot, ongoing til Sunday. See you there, lovelies!

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2012

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