On my plate… Plato Wrap, etc.

Plato Wraps

Avoiding the imminent Pure Gold rush, grabbed the chance to experience a Mediterranean-meets-Mexico beef gyro on toasted pita bent in taco fashion. The Red Dot Tent temporarily houses Plato Wraps that legitimately opens at the Pure Gold in a few more weeks.

Pita BreadPlato WrapsSchoolgirlsBeef Gyro

The cheery extra crunch of my gyro led me to order to-go gyro and the littler ones called platititos. A plate is plato in the vernacular and a saucer is platito, so a little word of caution here, not because pita bread is the star, don’t ever be caught saying Plato, as in the Greek philosopher. Btw, they also have a pesto pita option. Getting it next time for the very veggie variant. Other alternatives are tuna, chicken and ham and cheese

Plato Wraps to go

Blending in…

Asked Ashley of Red Dot to photograph me with the Plains and Prints Liz Uy-approved collection, the window display actually. Have you watched the celebrity stylist’s new accomplishment? The wardrobe in A Secret Affair was so chic, impeccable. The timeless and up to the minute details spell fashion and style, very Liz. Apart from the style sense, the movie was good. I was a tad bothered by Derek’s acting though. Nothing new except that one scene where he just smiled, memorable single scene. Needless to say, the makeovers of mother and daughter Jacklyn and Andi were awesome in the movie.


I’m quite thrilled to be meeting the man behind the new Plains and Prints designs in the flesh, yay, soon! Hmnn, the holiday preview perhaps?

Plains and PrintsBlending In

About the outfit: P&P fits me perfectly. The shorts are from Plains and Prints. The white tank too. The H&M denim top, sunnies and black Jelly Nellies are likewise from Red Dot. One of my favorite bags is this bag which the hubby got in LA for my birthday some years ago. He wanted to buy me a particular black square tote, but the lady at Nordstrom insisted on this low-slung Cynthia Rowley with a bit of rocker chic vibe as opposed to the basic tote:) Abused, I just love this bag! It fits my whole house.

Photographed by Ashley and Blauearth
© Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2012

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