Pintorum Break

Trick 'r Treat

How are you celebrating Halloween? In a general way, there’s a kind of conservatism about All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day on this side of the planet. After all, we’ve been raised around Catholicism. Anyways, western influence creeps even in the most traditionalistic society, so there, Alexa won Most Creative Costume for her DIY Pebbles costume at a trick or treat party.

KarabasaIlocano Karabasa

I haven’t actually seen a round autumn pumpkin. This is the closest we can have to the hand-carved orange pumpkin — the karabasa (seen at the La Tabacalera Ilocano Lifestyle Center).

Atang and Gozos

Also my first time to come across a board to write the names of departed loved ones. My sis-in-law Shirley wrote amma‘s name in hopes of prayers and atang.


Aptly Halloween fare at the street food fair. Isaw is also called IUD in as much as it resembles an intrauterine device, how’s that?

Chicken Caracara

Another strange stuff, dubbed karakaran, made from some part of a chicken.

Ilocos EmpanadaLa Tabacalera Ilocano Lifestyle CenterTacos del Norte

Shirley came to Ilocos expressly for All Saints’ Day, I thought of treating her to a taco snack at Tacos del Norte.

Tacos del NorteCarne Asada Burrito and TacoCarne Asada

I couldn’t be happier about my carne asada burrito. Oh, the taste of beans, made me miss my family in the States all of a sudden. We all love to eat out, our bonding time.

Let’s remember the dead like we remember the living. Enjoy the break, everyone!

PagtutugawanLa Tabacalera Ilocano Lifestyle Center
Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2012

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