Jesse Robredo: A Life Well Spent For Others

Jesse M. Robredo flies to his Real Home on August 18, 2012. Serving as mayor of Naga, Camarines Sur, before being appointed as Secretary of the hugely politicized Department of Interior and Local Government in the administration of President Benigno Aquino III from 2010 up to his demise three days ago in a plane crash into the waters of Masbate, he exemplified the nontraditional politico, living an unostentatious lifestyle and serving his constituency in quiet, non-pa-epal nature.

He will always be remembered as a man who championed participatory governance, transparency and accountability. One of his former students in Bicol, non-govenment organization leader Philip Bartilet, posted in his Facebook account, “When asked why other political leaders cannot practice good governance like he does, he [Sec. Robredo] simply uttered ‘Fear’. We in our class, assumed that he will answer the lack of ‘Political Will’. But, it is fear or ‘takot’ as he stated, fear not to conform with the traditional political approaches or methodologies that generally haunt most of our leaders. The challenge to get out of the box of non-conformance of traditional politics is oftentimes the cause which lead them astray towards the path of good governance. ‎

A mission well done, Sir Jesse Robredo!

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