A Downpour of Blessings

The wedding planner plans a wedding

A month ago, I posted something (here) about sharing this “raw, unspoilt beauty in the rugged nooks and crannies of the vast La Paz sand dunes” to a friend. My friend May Rose Rabang (who I met in Victory Fellowship) was getting hitched and it was only when we went to the dunes that I met her fiancé, swimming coach Angelo Lamsen. They instantly fell in love with the spot overlooking the Padsan River in the same way they fell for each other. Such a beautiful (filmic) love story.

The wedding invitation

The cutest wedding theme ever — gypsy Rose meets dandy Gatsby. May Rose is a wedding planner/event coordinator in real life.


And then it poured about an hour before the scheduled wedding ceremony. A man once said, “You can plan events, but if they go according to your plan they are not events.”

Last minute original wedding venue cancellationPortrait of Love

Well, when life hands you a lemon, make lemonade. The whole shebang was moved from the dunes to Arabella’s in a jiff.

(Dear May: Found this on the net — “Rain usually represents cleansing and purification. It can also represent the release of tension… Rain replenishes and brings fertility so it may also symbolize that you are opening to a new phase of personal growth in your life.” via dreamsleep.net  To May and Angelo: Cheers!)

Wedding Collage 1FamilyWedding Collage 3Wedding Collage 4Wedding Collage 5Wedding Collage 6Wedding Collage 2

The lemonade was made with natural honey — sweet and refreshing — and sprinkled with “words to live by” by no less than Pastor Benny Bagaoisan.

And I spiked mine with a little vodka:)

Photo Booth

Let’s all wish the newlyweds a blissful life together!

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