Blue Skies and Green Grass

The Bench (One)

Goodbye, Gener…  hello, sunshine! And I mean honest-to-goodness sunshine in Ilocos after more than a week of incessant rains.


My girls, Marianne and Joan, and I were supposed to have dim sum at the Fort Ilocandia Resort Hotel’s Red 8 before heading out to the Luis Medspa, but we were sidetracked by the inviting verdure… we followed the path to the lagoon and animal shelter. Everyone and everything were seemingly soaking up the calm energy.

Follow the leaderCatch of the DayThe Bench (Two)Joan and MarianneTurkeyOstriches

This ostrich scared the crap out of me. He was fast, I don’t know if furious or just in a happy playful mood.

Hi, there!Sadness

That’s sad. I love nature, but I really don’t like going to zoos or seeing animals in an awkward environment:(

red 8 dimsum
[Our lunch, sharing cold cuts (barbecued pork, century eggs, marinated pig leg slices, soyed chicken, jellyfish, pork siomai, chicken feet and shrimp dumplings (hakaw).]
Sea Breezepicnic

Lovely breeze — it gives me the idea to bring and not wear (hahah!) the picnic blanket next time.

Foot Spa

[The self-indulging hour we spent at Luis Medspa.]

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2012

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