Share Tea one drink a day challenge: Taro pearl milk tea

Taro Milk Tea

I opted for a pearl-free taro milk tea.  This drink reminds me of Quickly’s, back when bubble teas were so new in the Philippines. The first thing I noticed in Share Tea’s is its fresh and delectable fragrance. Second, its milky appearance, yet wee bits of taro can’t be missed. Isn’t the color pretty? Lastly and most importantly, the merging of milk and taro is delicate, but not watered down — sets off the tea flavor beautifully.

On a different note, I love taro for its versatility. It’s known as gabi in the Philippines. I love it with chili in laing. Together with a piece of large crab, it’s the secret to a luxurious shabu-shabu (hotpot), mnnn, yum! I like it as a savory appetizer or an exotic dessert. Milled, then rolled into fried puffs, and sprinkled with sugar, yay, love! I have a deep hankering for this sweetened taro-jujube-lotus seed paste that I tried in Hong Kong once. I never encountered the heavenly sweet dish again.

Enjoy the week ahead everyone! Hope President Aquino’s 3rd SONA (state of the nation address) won’t be made of promises. I still have to experience real change that will benefit the entire Philippines. Like the sweetened taro-jujube-lotus seed paste of my dreams, the quest for social justice is elusive.  I hope in my lifetime…. Gosh! I hate the mood rainy days bring.

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2012

2 thoughts on “Share Tea one drink a day challenge: Taro pearl milk tea

  1. Quick thought your quip regarding rainy day moods being a downer – to some extent and aside from the clinically depressed or biobased and weather driven “SAD” conditions – moods as we all know are often up to ourselves. Having said that I’m an ilocaNorten living in California (was born in Bangui and grew up in the States but have been back to the Pines several times) who finds that rainy days in the Philippines feel darker than they do in North America – it seems gloomier. I don’t know if it’s just me (which I hope) or if it has something to do with the lack of lighting and electric power in the country and/or something else – the general state of things over there. Anyway I hope solar power can bring more light everywhere in the Pines.

    Thanks for your blog and plz keep up the good work. It’s a cheap mind escape to the homeland without leaving my doorstep.

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