Desert and Desserts

On this post, I am not going to misspell two most used words in my vocabulary.
Meet me halfway

I’m thrilled to have helped a friend unlock the door to a dream location. The desert, the La Paz Sand Dunes, is no secret, but finding this raw, unspoilt beauty in the rugged nooks and crannies of the vast sandy territory is a whisper from the heavens. Will write more about it soon.

Leila's Cupcakes

(Clockwise) Blue Velvet, Aztec Chili Chocolate, Tsoknut (with Peanut Butter filling), Mint Chocolate Chip.

Omg! Ericke brought home these heavenly Leila’s Cupcakes from Leila’s Cafe (Vigan). She got me an Aztec chili chocolate, but shared the 2 boxes with us, so we got to try several flavors. Mine was extra fudgy with a hint of chili. I love the frosting! Leila’s is not shy about frostings. The buttercream that covered the blue velvet (that looked more green to me) was yummy-lovely. I like the novelty and nostalgia of the tsoknut presentation, a homage to the oldest Filipino peanut chocolate.

I’ve heard about the creperie/breakfast/sandwich place before, in fact, we were trying to locate it the last time we hied off to Vigan, but luck was not on our side. Anyway, I checked out their Facebook page and their menu is really interesting. Found calamay *smile*, pastillas, leche flan leilaccino (frappuccino), savory and sweet crepes, fish and chips, Edu Mansanas French toastwich, and a lot of desserts, there you go. Hope to be able to visit the cafe soon. Good to know Laoag residents can have a taste of their cupcakes.

Have a happy weekend!

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