If the shoe fits…

The “finders, keepers” adage apparently is the new house rule. Ericke calls me crazy because I don’t even remember I have this gorgeous Celine backpack in almost mint condition hanging on my bag rack for almost seventeen years now. She’s been enjoying it to the fullest, literally and figuratively.

I was looking for my room key which I accidentally dropped right into a huge basket full of assorted old stuff. Found it under the basket among boxes of trinkets and, jeez, these barely worn Minnetonka thunderbird moccasins and metallic Birkenstocks. I’m the only 7/38 at home, so no one would fit in my shoes.

I can’t wait to wear the comfy American mocs and German sandals which have come to be relevant universal fashion staples. I’m thinking casual comfort meets boho retro.

Spotted on the Olsen Twins a couple of years back.

Source: Celebstyle.com

Source: Coolspotters.com

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