Picks from Red Dot

Alphabet Bags coin purse... B for BlauEarth

Intermittent heavy downpours make me lackadaisical. Well, not until I went trend hunting at Red Dot. B for Blauearth… from Alphabet Bags. More letters available.

I heart..

I seriously want either the I heart Laoag or Ilocos! Souvenirs have never been this classy.


Alexa’s pick: A wicker lunch bag. It’s cutely lined in gingham fabric. I had to remind her the bamboo bag she got from a trade fair is still in perfect condition.

WordsA Basket Full of Colors

A basket full of colors.


Ashley offered me this feather print dress. How could I say no! Boho Indian print in neon yellow! It comes in orange too.

VNC Flatforms

Flatforms! Love it that they can take me to many places. They don’t have my size in yellow though. Heheh, I see the hubby smiling.


They have Spanx by Sara Blakely! Attention: Moms who just gave birth., you’d love ’em!

Saw this at Red Dot’s Facebook page. The whole kit and caboodle! It’s reasonably priced for the pro makeup artist, costing only a few lipsticks and powders:)

Bottom photo via Red Dot Facebook page

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2012

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