Christina Jana Siratranont, a beauty queen inside and out

Jana Siratranont in the Miss Philippines Earth 2012 Long Gown CompetitionJana Siratranont

25-year old Ilocos Sur Toursim Officer-in-Charge Jana Siratranont adds another dimension to her life as a public servant and a beauty titlist.  A winner of several beauty pageants, namely Miss University of Northern Philippines 2003, Miss State Colleges and Universities Athletic Association 2004, Bituin ng Kasuotang Pilipino 2005 (SM Megamall), Miss Vigan 2007 and First Runner Up, Miss Olive C Campus Model Search 2011, representing the Municipality of Bantay (Ilocos Sur), Jana joined the just concluded Miss Philippines Earth 2012.

Entering Miss Philippines Earth, a beauty event designed to actively promote the preservation of the environment and the protection of Mother Earth and get its candidates involved in worthy environmental causes, already makes Jana a winner.

Jana Siratranont in the Miss Philippines Earth 2012 Long Gown Competition (2)Jana Siratranont in the Miss Philippines Earth 2012 Swimsuit CompetitionMiss Philippines Earth 2012Representing the Municipality of Bantay, Ilocos Sur, Jana Siratranont in Miss Philippines Earth 2012

Here’s a  little conversation with the Ilocana beauty.

What did you learn from joining Miss Philippines Earth 2012?
I learned so many things from it. I entered the pageant with minimal knowledge about pressing environmental issues, but as the pageant progressed, we have been exposed to many activities that increased awareness in taking care of the environment, and we got to learn about each and every candidate’s advocacies. It is important that as a concerned individual, we should have our own advocacy and learn to commit to it.  I chose to become Mother Earth’s voice and an eco warrior by planting more trees and by practicing the 3 Rs of recycling, very simple and doable. I also learned that if everyone is aware of the ill effects of our actions which contribute to the degradation of our environment, we are able to make a change. Education and discipline are key to saving the planet.

As Tourism Officer-in-Charge of your province, what are your plans to sustain your advocacy for a greener earth?
I am just so glad that being a provincial tourism officer gives me the opportunity to implement plans and programs; it gives me a chance to be more active in organizing various environmental projects. I want to continue educating the people about the environment and I would like to start by educating the young minds of this generation. We can do school tours and teach the kids how to recycle, plant trees, and teach them about proper waste disposal and energy conservation. I believe that starting them young will build a stronger foundation, so that it will become a part of their lives. We need to awaken everybody’s consciousness, young and old alike, and get them involved. This will never materialize if only a small group of people are willing to commit.

Jana Siratranont

Beneath the finely chiseled features and womanly figure is a creative soul. Jana Siratranont is currently one of the hosts of the local TV show Wake Up Ilocos, a fine make-up artist and a singing revelation. I did my homework and found the videos. Hope you enjoy her soulful singing style as much as I did.

A personal note to Jana — Continue to spread the word.

All photos courtesy of Jana Siratranont
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