Share Tea one drink a day challenge: Hokkaido pearl milk tea

Share Tea Hokkaido pearl milk tea

Back  to tea time, peeps! This was supposed to be posted on Monday, but my Manila trip got in the way.

I stopped liking boba drinks ever since frustration about undercooked tapioca balls became too often. The most opportune time to refresh my buds once again. I’m not familiar with any of the Japanese sounding milk teas, so choosing Hokkaido was random. I tried it with 80% sugar level.

First sip all the way to the bottom was satisfying. Unexpectedly, the sweetness was delicate, bringing out the hint of toffee beautifully. Very clean. Now, the crux of the question, found new respect for boba drinks in the classic Hokkaido pearl milk tea… nicely cooked, chewy pearls!

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2012

4 thoughts on “Share Tea one drink a day challenge: Hokkaido pearl milk tea

    • watch out for my next posts. hahah, we only have Share Tea here. I’ve heard a lot about Serenitea and Moonleaf. Monnleaf was the topic among bloggers in the press con I attended. So far, the first three I tasted were good. My friend got a Yakult milk, but she wasn’t able to consume everthhing. I’m gonna do honest reviews on all the Share Tea teas. forget about Hanson’s reaction:) hahah, the fun of it all is to try all the variants.

  1. Hi Maam Tina!
    We went there yesterday and ordered ice blended taro with pudding, four happiness mango ice blended, taiwan classic pearl milk tea and hokkaido pearl milk tea.
    We got dissy after few sips, i don’t know hahaha. Di lang yata kami sanay sa tea:))
    I like it better sana kung mas mafeel ko yung ice crush.

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