Share a tea… Share Tea (Taipei’s No.1) in Ilocos!

Catching the craze, good friends Alain and Marianne shared with us tea time at the newest hangout along the National Highway near Robinsons in San Nicolas.

The Taiwan original was established in 1992 and has since expanded to over 180 stores worldwide, including Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, China, Hong Kong, Macau, New York-US, Dubai UAE, Brunei, and is still growing.

Share Tea claims their beverages are made from the finest ingredients that are 100% fresh, natural, and healthy, with NO preservatives, any artificial flavoring or coloring added, each cup filled with vitamins and all-natural antioxidants. Okay, I’ll have to try the close to a 50 variants of pearl milk tea drinks as well as the other specialty drinks like natural fruit teas, rock-salt cheese and Yakult drinks, ice cream floats, and handmade taro with fresh milk. Woo hoo, planning to complete a “one drink a day” challenge starting with what I had last night — Rock Salt Cheese with Cocoa! The least likely I’d get for a first try since I’m not fond of chocolate drinks; it’s the cheese-rock salt factor that won me over.

First sip, tasted like a thick chocolatey drink, normal. Second sip, from the top, it’s a lot like cheese, normal. Mixed the drink with my straw… sips… woah, good in a weird way! Last sip, the bits of salt perfectly ended the whole initial experience.

There’s this funky ice blended taro and pudding that I’m raring to try next.  The matcha red bean tea looks like a fun dessert. I ordered it for Reny last night and he got a kick out of it, a positive sign.

For the chook lovers, move over, the share tea chicken variants are pretty interesting. A more mature chicken joy for the adventurous:) Wasabi and plum, loading my purse a few Claritins.

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