Bulusan Volcano National Park

Judging by the beautiful photos Philip Barilet (the persevering President of AGAP Bulusan and the Philippine EcoGuides Association) shares from time to time, I regret passing up the opportunity in December 2010 to lug my backpack and explore the depths of nature at the  Bulusan Volcano National Park, and most importantly, fulfill a mission of imparting knowledge and skills I gained at a special ecoguiding program, with select environment and tourism specialists from all over the country, to enthusiastic individuals ready to inherit an empowering broad understanding of ecotourism and the all-important duties of an ecoguide in a series of community trainings for stewards and stakeholders of the protected rain forest and wildlife sanctuary under the National Integrated Protected Area System (NIPAS) in the Bicol region, organized by Phil.

The ideal nature lover destination can be found in central Sorsogon, Philippines. It comprises the active Bulusan Volcano, green Lake Bulusan, two mountains known as Sharp Peak and Hormahan and the Aguingay Lake.

A duli-duli.

Jade vines abound in the area.

A tabili.

The remaining ground orchids.  (According to what I read) wild orchids once existed in abundance. Chaired by environment activist Philip Bartilet,  Aggrupation of Advocates for Environmental Protection – (AGAP) Bulusan, Inc. works hand in hand with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to protect and conserve  biodiversity through  PRESERVE or Participative Reforestation with Ecological Support, Education and Research to Validate the Ecosystems of the Bulusan Volcano Natural Park. Its initial goal is to organize and mobilize communities in the BVNP area as a participatory mechanism to mainstream biodiversity conservation in the local policies and resource-based management plans of People’s Organizations (POs) and government institutions. (Source: PIA). The mayor of Bulusan, Michael Guysayko, is likewise supportive of the environment conservation projects and rehabilitation of denuded forests as well as sustainable ecotourism in BVNP.

Taken during a volcanic flare-up in 2011.

The photos make me itch to schedule a trip to the south.

Nature immersion, trekking, family camping, aqua sports, bee farm tours, food adventure and a lot more are in store for the Bulusan nature park visitor. What’s more, a sidetrip to Donsol, Sorsogon, to see a butanding (whale shark) up close and personal can be arranged.

Check out your calendar, you might be interested to join the Kalayaan Conquest Special series of events this June and the July 22 EcoTrail  Running Cup. For inquiries email wildboarsphil@yahoo.com or contact Philip Bartilet at +63-908-896-8826 or Ana Bo, Wild Boars Philippines Inc, Bulusan Lake Visitors Center, at +63 907-435-2268. Adventure amid pure beauty awaits everyone.

All photos by Philip Bartilet and AGAP Bulusan
© Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2012

2 thoughts on “Bulusan Volcano National Park

  1. indeed the place is so wonderfully amazing Tina and we missed you there in Bulusan during the dec 2010 training of guides…i love your blog about Bulusan Ms Tina….

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