Making waves

Yesterday was Corona judgement day, so I sat in front of the TV and waited for the news, but ended up watching a replay of Project Runway Philippines’ “Golden Rule” episode instead. Laoag fashion designer Amor Albano is one of the hopeful challengers of the fierce fashion competition. I was so proud when top fashion designer Rajo Laurel made an encouraging remark. I don’t remember the exact line, but in essence — having a good grasp of the beauty product (the sponsor for the challenge and the brand image as the basis for the designs) to be able to come up with the goddess-like dress, Amor shows his intelligence as a designer. She makes it to the top 5. Rooting for her to be part of the finals. Go, Amor!

Reposting a photo of Amor I found in a 2010 post. The photo was originally titled Lady Love:)


On a different note, got polished at Ellitoes the other day and caught currently in demand Ilocos-based makeup artist Mara Manuel prettifying a group of girls about to attend a debutante ball. Mara’s pioneered airbrush make-up in Laoag. Hope to have a lengthy beauty Q & A with her real soon. Keep posted.

[Geez, how I hate those tan lines!][Brought my own bubble gum palette (Base: Revlon Minted, Splashes: Revlon Electric and Candy and Orly Green Apple). Giselle, the manicurist, specked Ellitoes’ own pepperminty blue.]

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2012

One thought on “Making waves

  1. Amor has been given the ” best design” twice already…and although she’s been safe the remaining episodes, still his designs are far better than the others…

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