Balamban Liempo arrives in Laoag

Balamban Liempo of Cebu

If you haven’t heard about the newest food chain that opened in Laoag, you should hit Balamban Liempo. It originated in Cebu, Cebu as in lechon, but as the tagline goes, “tastier than lechon. Balamban is a town in Cebu. Well, liempo is the Filipino word for pork belly and also the common name for roast pork belly. For the Balamban-style liempo virgins, the onions and garlic are part of the dish, quite like the stuffing of lechon Cebu; however, not sure if there’s also tanglad (lemongrass).

Cracked pepper on the pork skin is another twist to the standard liempo we’re used to in Ilocos. Certainly very tasty liempo.

For that anghang factor, liempo with the dipping sauce, made out of suka (vinegar), whole chili peppers, garlic slivers, peppercorns and I don’t know what else, make a good match.

Balamban Liempo dipping sauceBalamban Liempo Sisig

The chopped siling haba (green finger pepper) is another twist to the sisig from the South. While the original sisig (a signature dish of Angeles, Pampanga), is made with maskara (pork face), theirs is made with chopped liempo. The amount of vinegar is spot on. I don’t like it when it’s too vinegary. Martine and Ericke enjoyed it too.

Eating buddies

Danda Alcid, from the franchisee, made us feel so at home, serving the food herself.

I want to try the rest of the menu. The halo-halo and mais con hielo were not yet available. It’s just a soft opening, I think a grander one is coming soon. Prices are very affordable. It was Martine’s treat, thanks:)

Balamban Liempo is located at the Sy Tong Building, Primo Lazaro Street, right across the PLDT.

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2012

One thought on “Balamban Liempo arrives in Laoag

  1. I have heard so much about the craze over Balamban Liempo. This is a must eat when I go home to visit Cebu 🙂

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