A Sunday under the balete tree

Immerse, linger, unwind, marvel at nature’s bounty… life comes but once.
Kaangrian Falls (Burgos, Ilocos Norte)

To many, Sundays are sacred. While others flock to churches, others either stay at home or go outdoors to communicate with the Divine Being.

At dawn last Sunday, with the hubby’s kumpares and families , we hiked to Kaangrian Falls in the mountains of Agaga, Burgos.

Nature's Layers

It was an ancient balete tree (aka banyan tree), perhaps centuries-old, that took my breath away. As a child, to put me to sleep, my nanny told me incredible stories about gigantic elliptical balete trees. Incorporeal beings, kapre, marmarna, kaibaan — those didn’t scare me however. I played balay-balay inside abandoned dark kamarins with cousins. It was sort-of a dream come true to see the humongous tree and virtually feel how it is to be inside it. No fear…

Inside the Balete treeOff to the lechon grill In hindsight, indulging in lechon while communing with nature is scarier than a balete tree.ForagerYay, Crawfish!CrawfishKaangrian FallsThrough a DiCAPacAround the Balete Tree

Thank you, Lord, for natural shelters.

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2012

4 thoughts on “A Sunday under the balete tree

    • just take a bus going north like yon papunta Cagayan. try Florida, RCJ, GMW, then stop at the municipio of Burgos. you may inquire at the tourism office for transpo. there’s also a hotel near the area called Palalay Hotel if you need a place to stay.

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