The warmth of tropical living in Casa Consuelo (Sunrise)

Waking Up to Bliss

They say “life is a big sunrise…”

I woke up to an invigorating, most inspiring daybreak! Staying at Casa Consuelo’s “Casa Consuelo” is a once-in-a-lifetime-experience (sigh)! I thank God for giving Armi and Richard the power of creativity in transforming a vision. I saw the beach jungle before it became the homestay that it is now. Most of the exotic plants are still there, well-rooted, and there’s the addition of lovely and soothing spaces, with only salvaged wood, recycled old stuff,  abubut, nature and a whole lot of drive and zest, bringing warmth and soul to beach living.

I’m excited to see more in the future. Just the beginning like a new dawn.

Sunrise (April 20, 2012)Dos Hermanos Sunrise

Sunny-side ups, fresh garlic rice, crispy espada and Leehua's Choco's Ilocos longanza and my love -- oh-so-good bacon! Btw, there's a Choco's Lechon booth within Casa Consuelo -- grillin' daily:)

Armi made it just in time before we motored to Adams for a turnaround.

Oh, lordly, just my luck! When we arrived in Adams, Richard phoned his mom only to say that he caught a whale jumpin’ out of the ocean. Yay!

Stopped by my suki at Gao-oa for seafood and this was what we had for lunch…

Pancit Buko

Leehua’s creation — pancit buko — Chinese flavors infused with exotic coconut, and yet very Pinoy like my girlfriend Leehua:) That’s perhaps what binds us, our forefathers must have had spelling problems (sorry, an in-joke).

God bless your souls, Leehua, Armi, Richard and Vivian… enjoyed the getaway tremendously! I’ll be back to photograph the whale. And some snorkeling. And bumming in style.

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Casa Consuelo (island reef) Sitio Baniaran, Brgy. Balaoi, Pagudpud Contact: Landline (077) 607-08-84 (077) 676-17-35 CP +639189590757/+639189905385/+639175541860 Check their page on Facebook.

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2012

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