New place to stay in Tuguegarao: Mango Suites

After an extra-tiring-but-fruitful day at the Department of Foreign Affairs Office in Tuguegarao, all we wanted was a great early dinner in a cool spot. Phoned Maila, our friend, for help. She suggested two new places. Reny settled for Swanny’s Kitchen at Red Diwa’s, another friend’s, new hotel, described as the only boutique hotel in Tuguegarao City.

It was supereasy to find the new address– the building spells C-O-O-L.

The hotel is only 4 months old. As usual, I proceeded to check out the rooms. The rooms smelled fresh, the comfy beds were enticing… we wanted to spend a night, but then we needed to go back to Ilocos as soon we had our dinner. Life is unfair!

Architect Red Diwa is getting to know the biz too well. After establishing Mango Drive, here’s another fine place to stay when in Tuguegarao.

Room prices are friendly. Nothing over 2,800.

Mango Suites Rizal St. cor Balzain Rd., Tuguegarao City, Cagayan, Philippines
Contact No.: 304-1302/0123 0917-605-3080

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2012

2 thoughts on “New place to stay in Tuguegarao: Mango Suites

  1. Kindly email me pictures and room rates ASAP.we are planning to go there next week.also do you have a car service that can pick us up from the airport and if there is a charge.thanks

    • hi! i hope Mango Suites reads your request. i just happen to have featured the hotel in the blog.

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