Summer and Beyond

I have this love-hate relationship with Red Dot. Getting in there agitates me. I knew exactly what I wanted when I headed out to the store yesterday. A customized friendship bracelet that’s beyond the usual. I personally chose the components to suit the kind of connection we have with a special girl. While waiting for the bracelet, I went around the store and you know what’s next.

Spotted cool cotton beach caftans and cover-ups. My size sells out real fast, so I’m lucky I was able to score two white ones in different styles. I intend to wear them over denim shorts and crayola bright singlets and take the look to the streets. The heat of summer requires the most comfortable fabrics… well, it’s a difficult life when you are not as normal as everyone else.

Found more pieces that make me drool. Love the vintage-inspired jewelry and the tasseled necklaces that would make the most basic boy shirt or wife beater look unmanly.

So what do you think is sickeningly cute with these Just G. shorts?

Anthology ballet flats and a cuff in neutral tones infused with unboring details. Even the tackiest top will look easy with these two loves to achieve a degree of fashion forwardness.

Summer fashion tip: Edit and load yourself a bit of attitude. In a tropical country like ours, summer is the best time to splurge some dineros.

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2012

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