Salt: From the sea to the stand

Burgos Fish Sanctuary

llocanos have a penchant for the salty taste. A tiny pinch of salt is used to season dinengdeng and pinakbet even if bugguong  (fish fermented with salt) is already added. I personally love the traditional salt. It goes way beyond the kitchen.

Burgos is one among the coastal towns in Ilocos Norte that produce salt.

Roadside Salt StandAsin (Salt) ti Burgos
Burgos salt making industry (3)

Mayor Cris Garcia brought us to Barangay Pagali for a cultural and educational experience with the salt makers.

Burgos salt making industryBurgos salt making industry (2)Kid on a rockAred-ed (goat food)

Guess why goats in the coastal areas are healthier? It’s the ared-ed (the icicle-like dripping from the salt strainer) that sustains their mineral needs.

It’s nice to know that they use sustainable, fast-sprouting madre de cacao (kakawate) as firewood in salt making.

Whale(?) skullWhale(?) skull 2

Look what we found in Pagali! A baby whale skull (they say) found by the shore a year ago.

From the sea to the stand… I’m taking my salt to the shower.  It’s all about salt glow:)

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2012

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