REPRISE: The Philippines’ First-Ever Sandboarding Competition in the Laoag “La Paz” Sand Dunes

You can watch Laoag City’s very own festival in the desert in this video produced by Red Dot Stores.

GMA News 11 I Love, Pinas! host Carlo Lorenzo and production staff shot portions of the sandboarding competition.

May I reiterate that the first-ever sandboarding competition was held in the Laoag Sand Dunes, a National Geological Monument that occupies a part of La Paz, Laoag City. If you happen to have watched GMA NEWS 11 “I Love Pinas” Paoay episode, on March 15 midnight, I personally find it rather confusing that footage of an official Pamulinawen Festival event found its way into another town’s own feature and not the I Love Pinas Pamulinawen Festival episode which was aired a week earlier. I called the attention of the crew at their office. I hope they made the necessary changes since they are also airing the show abroad. In fairness to the host city, Laoag, and organizers and presentors of the Laoag La Paz Sandboarding Competition, the Sandboarding Event rightfully belongs to the SAND DUNES OF LA PAZ IN THE DESERT OF LAOAG WHERE SANDBOARDING IN ILOCOS TRULY ORIGINATED.

*Read the very first feature of Sandboarding in Ilocos Norte in the LEAD Movement blog.

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