Style File: Jaynny Lao, fashion designer

Lovely fashion designer Jaynny Lao.

Laoag has become its own adjective. The city shines brighter with local talents such as Jaynny Lao. She’s a legit Ilocano celebrity and I can certify her popularity. My first feature about her designs is a most-read story on this blog and she’s been on the front page of, thanks to’s feature story on her.

Caught up with her just a while back.

How many friends do you have on Facebook?
15 thousand. I have 5,000 friends on each of my 3 accounts.

What is the one thing you will never wear?
A skimpy skirt, ‘yon sobrang iksi.

If you were left with only two things in the world, what would those two things be?
Lipstick and fabrics.

What are your three favorite beauty products?
Concealer, lipstick and MAC Fluidline Eyeliner Gel.

I’ve always liked your nice and luscious lips. I’m curious, what’s your favorite lip product?
San San #5 Sheener.

Hi-heels or flats?
Flats ‘coz I’m already tall.

What’s your least favorite color?
Girl Scout green.

Is your multi-way dress an original design?
Yes. I saw this dress worn by Regine Velasquez and I was figuring out how it was done, but then I came up with the Convertible Wrap Dress after several experiments.

How much would it cost me to have one customized?
P2500.00 only.

The convertible wrap dress, with lavish draping, at Jaynny’s fashion show for the Nokia Night. (Photo by Xian Vaughn)

What’s your fashion philosophy?
I love Vera Wang’s fashion outlook that she loves the idea that something is practical and still looks good and that a design should be something a woman can dance in.

Who’s your fashion/style icon?
Regine Velasquez because she looks good in everything she wears.

What’s on your iPod?
Regine Velasquez. I am corny; I love OPM.

There you have it, Jaynny Lao fans:) Hope you enjoyed our little talk as much as I enjoyed firing away at her.

You can reach Jaynny Lao at the Vertext Main Office, ground floor of the JBL Bldg.,  M.H. Del Pilar St., Brgy. 18, Laoag City.

Photos of white and tan convertible wrap dresses by Blauearth. Additional photos courtesy of Jaynny Lao.
© Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2012

4 thoughts on “Style File: Jaynny Lao, fashion designer

    • reasonable. the wrap dress is only 2,500 and you can wear it in a lot of ways depending on your creativity. it can be one sided, halter, bondage, etc. pwede din mas conservative na empire lang:)

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