7/7 Red Dot Scarf Challenge

{scarf as a top: Red Dot, shorts: Zara, gold cuff: Red Dot, sandals: Forever 21}

Another scarf as a Kelly wrap.

Scarfed:) Saw my friend Angel of Travel Ilocandia Tours, also a former Provincial Tourism Officer, and her guests in La Paz.

The Kelly wrap was transformed into a shawl:)

During the course of my Red Dot 7 For 7 Challenge, I’ve discovered so many possible ways to wear a square scarf. And not just that, my old love for fashion was rekindled. The clothes and accessories safely stored in their original boxes literally came out of the closet. I don’t get to shop as often as I did before. It stems from my not-so-new-found passion for green living. The challenge has proven that it’s all too easy and chic as well to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Besides being a fashion staple with a sophisticated edge, the scarf can come in handy in several situations. Alexa and I used it as a coverlet and loved its silky feel during a recent road trip.
It can also lend pizzazz to a dull old furniture. Draped over a lighted ordinary lampshade, the chromatic cast can create a certain mood. I’m so into this bohemian feel:)
It’s lovely as a bento box or book wrap.

Additionally, old scarves can be used as bag dust covers. The possibilities are endless, so I can categorize the scarf as really eco-friendly. It’s one smart, chic multitasking product.

Drop by Red Dot on F.R. Castro St., Laoag, for a scarf:)

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4 thoughts on “7/7 Red Dot Scarf Challenge

  1. Love how you mix & match pieces from our past collections. Saw items from Red Dot & Marty’s circa 2007 🙂 You’re truly a fashionista. Thanks for the Love.

    • Would you believe the white Havaianas Highs in one of the photos were the first highs, I think? 2006 ata:))

      Thanks! I had so much fun:)

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