GMA News TV Pop Talk arrives in La Paz

The LEAD Movement has really never stopped rolling ever since they innovated sandboarding. While hosting the Philippine Network of Environment Journalists on Tuesday, Pop Talk rolls in to experience Laoag’s signature adventure.

Tonipet Gaba, Paolo Soler, Rozie Delgado and Beth Redondo shot a segment in La Paz for an Ilocos feature on the GMA News TV channel.

Pro Surfer/blogger Paolo Soler makes an effortless crack at the ramp.

“It’s good ‘coz it’s safe,” Paolo says about the experience. He shouts as he ascends back  the steep dunes, “Papayat ka dito.”

Surfer Beth, who slid like a pro, adds “Sobrang sarap!”

High five: Beth Redondo and Paolo.

Longboarder/environment advocate Rozie Laurel Delgado

With a smile, Rozie affirms, “It’s so much fun… more forgiving than downhill skateboarding.”

Pop Talk host Tonipet Gaba.

Even the producer and crew had a taste of Ilocos “sand”wich:)) Thanks tons to GMA News TV and Pop Talk. Hope to have you again!

Please try to catch the full Ilocos Norte episode on GMA News TV 11’s Pop Talk. I heard they went spelunking in my other fave town Burgos.

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Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2012

2 thoughts on “GMA News TV Pop Talk arrives in La Paz

  1. to Mr. Gaba (of POPTALK)
    YOUR SHOW POP TALK IS ENTERTAINING AND EDUCATIONAL INDEED. BUT WHAT I REALLY LIKE ABOUT your show IS THE HONEST AND TRUTHFULL COMMENT OF YOUR INVITED REVIEWERS, through their comment i am able to pick the best places to go, the best food to eat and the satisfaction of the product you, every now and then reviewed. thank you and i really pray hard that your show will last a long time.

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