The environment is worth fighting for

Today I received the best recognition ever — Most Outstanding Alumna in the field of Environment from my beloved alma mater, the Northwestern University — it is where I was taught the meaning of nurturing, caring, independence, survival and volunteerism.

With Miss Liza Nicolas, University President.

The certificate reads:

Certificate of recognition is awarded to _________________
In laudable recognition of her passionate advocacy in the protection, preservation and conservation of our environment and natural heritage;
for her significant contribution in the promotion of responsible and sustainable eco-adventure and for deepening awareness of the need of individual effort in preventing the continuous Degradation of Mother Earth.

Magdalena Perez, President, Alumni Foundations
and Maria Liza S. Nicolas, University President

Back in nursing school…

Medical mission with Malacañang doctors and Armed Forces of the Philippines staff.

Another medical mission in northeastern Ilocos Norte

Clinical duty.

Individual thesis defense.

Clinical graduation.

Northwestern College graduation. It's now a university and I'm proud that it is among the list of top 100 universities in the Philippines.

My school at the present time…

The Northwestern University Museum

The University Hostel.

The Maritime Department.


With much respect, love and gratitude.

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