kaldero, kaserola talk

Spotted these pots and pans at Robinsons IN. They can go from the kalan (stove) straight to the hapag-kainan (dinner table). With the creative use of original Filipino food names, such as kwek-kwek (battered quail eggs), nilasing na hipon (drunken shrimps), ginataang halo-halo (mixed fruits stewed in coconut milk), etc., in the design, these cookware are definitely conversational pieces at the dinner table.

P.S. A friendly advice, better make your cooking good if you have pots and pans such as these or else kakaiinin ng mga ‘to ang cooking mo.

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2011

4 thoughts on “kaldero, kaserola talk

  1. wow i love these ones. i am always buying pots and pans. they’re unique, the more i like them. my husband always say “you’re funny lady.”

    • love them too. banga are no longer uso so they are nice replacements to still promote Filipino cooking. i wish i could buy a set, but the are costly too. over a thousand pesos for each.

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