Christmas Zen

A most soft and serene backdrop for a lovely Christmas reunion with Manila-based friends that you don’t get to see pretty often is a home. We celebrated the season kind-of early with the hubby’s close high school friends at this Zen-inspired residence situated in West Greenhills. Designed by Albert Yu, the contemporary 2-storey home with 5 bedrooms and a spacious convertible attic, where we had a delectable dinner, was so tastefully decorated by the lady of the house. I just had to take a few shots to share with you.I regret not taking good shots of the dreamy, well-manicured lawn, complete with coveted bonsai trees and a soothing Japanese gazebo. The (sturgeon) caviar pie prepared by Emy is to die for. Refreshing my memory of blue corn nachos. It had that odd-but-pleasing farm taste, at least for me.Do you see what I see? A Filipino Christmas dinner is more complete with lechon (roast pig) around. The delicious apple cake (top right in photo) was baked by one of the friends. You can order her excellent Kutchi Kookies cakes through this CP number: 0918 9161869 (Gurami’s own CP).

The magic of Christmas! So beautiful that it summons up tender childhood memories and brings people together in a more intimate way.

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2011

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